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Dhyānaṁ || Smaranaṁ

~ Thread extracted from ŚrīPāda Charitrāṁruthaṁ ~

"Activities should be always performed with the remembrance of God's Name." This is 'Smaranam'. This is a Golden word from Sri Guru. When we behave thus, the action and the fruit of the action (karma and karma phala) are thereby offered to the Guru Himself.

In the forty fifth chapter, Sripada says, "Devas and Daanavaas churned the ocean by placing the Mandhara mountain on the back of the tortoise which hides its head in the shell. You will become a great yogi, if you focus inwards. On the other hand, if you focus outward, you will amass all bad qualities and become miserable. If you put your head out, someone or other will stab your head. You will die eventually.

If you want to remain as an immortal, you must withdraw into yourself (focus inwards). Practise yoga. You will be released from the bonds of karma."

Tvaṁ Dhanyaṁ Vadāmi