Samājaṁ ~ a Sanskrit term for 'guild' or an association of people for a noble, mutual cause or the pursuit of a common 'selfless' goal.

His Mission

♠ Our inherent Nature is blissful! Filled with love, compassion and joy.

♠ Our purpose on this earth is to primarily realise and abide in our Original Nature (Self).

♠ Our experiences can be made worthwhile if only, we understand our purpose here.

♠ Realizing our True Nature links us back to the Source. This is the Sail back home ~ to His Śrī Pāda.

♠ This as a platform is just another boat, ferrying us across the waters, to His Shore of Light.

Saṅkalpaṁ ~ a Sanskrit term for a 'definitive intention or will of a noble nature for a selfless cause'. It is HIS 'Saṅkalpa' that this guild is to be formed.

The 'sankalpam' is HIS'. To be 'instrumental' is what we, as a 'guild of devotees' strive to be.

We will merely be puppets, in HIS working hands. The 'will' is HIS! And it shall always be HIS.

HE is the One Who ferries the boat. He alone is capable of taking us to the other shore.

As a guild of devotees, we are all in this together; as we sail our way to His Consciousness - to Oneness - to the shores of bliss!

'prayojana' (The Need)

We all are sailing our way, to the Golden Land of ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha, the Eternal land of Truth, Light and Joy. Our consciousness is taking baby steps, under His Supreme Guidance.

As a guild of devotees, we are all in this together. ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha Bhaktha Samājaṁ is inclusive of all HIS devotees, disciples.

This as a platform shall serve all His devotees to come together, as we journey towards HIS Consciousness. (expanding our awareness from indivudal level to yogic level).

'prārambha' (The Begining)

It is HIS Mahasankalpa that this guild is to be formed.

One auspicious Tuesday, coinciding with 'Chitha nakshathra', it being the Deepavali of 2018, ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha commanded to make it be known, the founding of ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha Bhaktha Samājaṁ. The Name was suggested by ŚrīGuru ŚrīPāda Himself. And so is the 'Saṅkalpaṁ' of this Samājaṁ decided by Him.

As His devotees, we are all in this together. This shall serve as an abode, uniting seekers in His wave of love.