From Seed to a Sapling...

Significance of the Place

Under Divine inspiration, this sanctified hamlet was chosen to be rendered further sacred. This is a land of penance, from the eras gone by. The same has been made known to several pious souls, in their meditations or dreams. The one instrumental in building the temple too had received one such message from Baba, when he first visited this land.

A contemporary and a devotee of Shri Sainath, Shivamma Thayee, was directed to this place for her penance; after which she moved over to Bangalore. Several sages were said to have chosen this spot for their penance, even prior to that. As is the Divine plan, this sacred spot was chosen for a shrine ~ to celebrate, adore and worship, Sainath Maharaj, our Living Guru, our Guide, our Beloved.

Several decades before the coming of the shrine, when there was not a building at vicinity, in this silent corner, happenings beyond the reach of logic were witnessed by a few pious souls. Happenings, that were not of this physical dimension. An eldery man who is no more now, had stated that, when he was a child, he had heard from his ancestors of they recalling their childhood memories and how they were warned to keep off this land because it was a land of penance and that strange sights and sounds were heard occassionally. The elderly man's ancestors had recalled how his ancestors had quoted of their ancestors who used to guard their farms in the neighbouring areas, say, that a couple of times, they have witnessed, sacred fire (at the very spot where the temple stands today) and elderly hermits seated around; though a few moments later, there were none visible.

At times, sacred chants too have been heard emanating from this place.

Several devotees stand witness, to this spectacle, even today, on rare occassions, especially during the many naama japa(s).

The Begining...

Not all monuments spring overnight. The construction of this shrine too, took its own time ~ our Maharaj drilling in the concept of 'Saburi' ~ Absolute Patience, while preparing the ground for an everlasting garden.

After the bhumi puja in 2008, it took almost four years for the temple to see its completion. 2012 witnessed the sacred consecration of the marble idol(s) of Baba, in the main hall and the Dwarakamai. Shirdi Sai Baba is the 'latest' complete manifestation (Pari-poorana Avatar) of Adi Guru Dattatreya.

Lord Datta is pleased with 'annadhaana'. In Sri Sat Charita too, Baba Sai has suggested to feed food. Unfailingly, every noon, the temple serves food to all visiting devotees. This most sacred service has been in practice ever since the consecration of Baba's 'vigraha'.

Here, Baba is present as a Live Force, a moving stream of Live Consciousness.

The Blooming...

It is under the command of Baba Sai, that the naama japa of ŚrīPāda (Digambara Digambara ŚrīPāda Vallabha Digambara) commenced at this sacred soil. It became a regular affair, with the japa happening very frequently, under His command. 2016 was however different. For, Adi Guru Dattatreya, Who expressed His presence in the Form of Sainath, further chose to grace the soil again, in the Form of ŚrīPāda Vallabha coming in the form of a portrait, seated on a swing.

The portrait and the swing, and The spot was exclusively chosen by Sri Guru Himself! This was further affirmed by Peethathipathi Sri Sajjangada Ramaswamy ji who blessed graciously.

With Sri Datta Maha homa, Sri Sai Sahasranaama homa, and other due rituals, the swing was placed under the shade of the Audumbara Tree, here in the Gurusthaan. The Audumbara Vriksha here is unique with three distinct branches. This is by the side of the Neem Tree, which is an offshoot from the Shirdi soil, the same tree, under which sat Baba.

The Praana-Prathishta of Śrī Padukkas, was performed under the command of Shirdi Baba Himself, in June 2016, along with large-scale homa, kumbham, kalasaa and sacred abhisheka, ŚrīPāda Laksha-pushparchana to Padukkas.

The day was further charged with the chanting of Siddha-Mangala Stotra, naama japa of Shirdi Baba and Datta, by devotees; Pallak Utsava of Sai Baba and Oonjal Utsava of ŚrīPāda, to the accompaniment of bajans.

One spectacular happening witnessed that day was the fact, that the food prepared for a mere five hundred people, served more than two thousand people. Without any shortage, nor the need to prepare again, the miracle which we have read in the sacred Sri Guru charithra, was witnessed first hand here, on that sacred day.


It has been Divinely ordained, that His Padukkas are re-consecrated in a Mantapa of bigger-physical dimensions. This is the will of our Guru, Sainath Maharaj. Perhaps, it is to convey that the time has ripened for HIM, in the form of ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha to receive larger number of His seekers, here, at this shrine. As the pictures above convey, the physical dimensions are too small to accomodate the crowding devotees. HE is the sole-doer, the Master Pupetter and we are all, but puppets moving to the pulls of His strings.

It is His causeless compassion that HE has chosen to express Himself here, in the form of a Child, playfully swaying in the swing by the shade of the Audumbara Vrksha.

The ancient Phenomenon has always been here. Just that HE chose to reveal His presence, in the name of SaiBaba in the form of a statue, and ŚrīPāda Vallabha in the form of Padukkas, in different periods of time as per the need of the hour.