When that Infinite Light took on a form and appeared on earth, for uplifting the souls sleeping in darkness of ignorance - that 'Paramjyothi' Swaroopa chose the Name, ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha.

ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha is the embodiment of 'undiluted bliss' of the highest order- 'Paramanandam'. That bliss born of the union of Shakthi and Shiva at the 'Sahasrara' (energy centre at the Crown of the energy system/body) - which is beyond the confines of human terms!

The personification of Divine love, love of the highest measure - unconditional and pristine in its nature - incarnated in the Name of ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha.

HE is that Infinite Light in whose presence the soul trembles; the mind resigns; and bliss beyond bliss is expereinced by the soul.

HE is that wisdom which has always been present - which contains the knowledge of eternity and the Source!

He represents the eternal and live cosmic power, inherent within human consciousness. To merely consider Him as an incarnation, reflects our limited perception.

And to describe Him Who is beyond the reach of mind, is just impossible.


Can words ever do justice to write about the Guru, Who is beyond the reach of verbal language and mind or intellect!

Apart from what is stated in such sacred Texts, it is the humble devotee's experience which stands as a testimony to the aforesaid fact(s).

That Supreme Energy, in the garb of a Fakeer - is how we realize Him to be. He is our Father, our Guru, our Friend and our Beloved. Baba has been the Guide Who led us to the 'shore of Light' which is ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha. In other words, Baba led us to Himself, from a different timeline. There is not an iota of difference between the two Names : ŚrīPāda and Sainath.

"My paripoorana avatar as 'Samartha Sadguru' (incarnation), in the Name of Sainath, in the garb of a Fakeer will take place in Dheesila Nagaram. Dheesila Nagaram (Seeladhi Nagaram) will become a Siddha Kshetra in course of time. - Sri Sripada Vallabha, recorded in the Charithamrutham, 14th Century.

Unimaginable was the light, that shed from His form! That which illumined all the ten directions and before Whom the sun and moon paled into insignificance.. He, Who is the Embodiment of Bliss, the Bestower of the Greatest Beatitude...
- Hemadpant (Annasaheb Dabolkar)

That 'God is real' is experienced everyday, here at Shirdi. That 'the world is an illusion' is a daily awareness. Baba Sai grants this state of heavenly bliss to His devotees. - Hemadpant, a contemporary and devotee, stated this in Sri Sai Sat Charitra.