Dattatreya: The Inner Essence

Embodying the powers of Creation, Sustenance and Transformation, the Primordial Light, chose to gift Mother Anasuya the fruit of immortality, for, she was filled with compassionate towards all of Creation; and known for her selflessness and virtuous nature.

It is innate that there are three primary levels in a human being - the Higher Self, the lower and the middle, human self. When an individual has plentiful noble virtues and operates from a point of nobility, it means, one allows the Higher Self to operate through them. The higher self is indeed the Divine self intrinsic within every human being. Ma Anasuya had all the prerequisites, required for one to ascend to higher states of consciousness. Ignorance is referred to as 'the veil' that cloaks the self & this veil needs to be demolished. The Lord wanted Ma Anasuya to 'remove the veil'. That cloak which veils the consciousness had to be removed. The cloak here is not the outer dress, as it is generally mentioned. The cloak is a direct reference to the 'maya' which veils the inner vision. They wanted this cloak to be removed.

'Datta' literally means the 'One' Who offers Himself. 'Athreya' means 'the son of Atri', Who takes root as wisdom in the hearts and transfers the one into Atri. The name 'Atri' denotes the exalted state of an aspirant, the one is beyond the three. (The three could mean the miseries arising from the three conditions; the three states of time or the 3 states of awareness).

To reach the state of 'Atri', 'Anasuya' tatva is essential; The state of mind without envy, but filled with compassion. 'Compassion' is the chief quality that makes a man, a real human being. Envy is the outcome of dissatisfaction, leading to hatred. In the absence of hatred, one can love others unconditionally. When there is no room for envy, the mind is able to get to the state of compassion. The more we grow in compassion, the less is the danger of succumbing to the six vices. The three miseries will be nullified; the mind becomes calm, which eventually leads to the liberation from bondage -the state of 'jeevanmukthi'.As the 'sadhaka' experiences bliss with his Rudra grandhi unlocked, his baser instincts, (Rajas and tamas) dissolve into the higher virtue (satva). The strength of the Supreme Being, Datta in the form of pure bliss, descends to the aspirant only in the state of 'Shuddha Satva'.

The picture presented here is a painting done by a devotee who is not an artist; after receiving ŚrīPāda's darshan.

"You know how I look. The outcome will bear My exact resemblance" is what Swami had said.

What followed thereafter is a labour of the heart. Every stroke has been beeen filled with unconditional love for the Lord; and the Portrait carries the special vibrations of Divine Love.

Only Datta can make a lame climb the mountain, is proved here, today. Here's another evidence standing tall, reassuring ŚrīPāda's continuous presence, omnipotence, omniscience, is evident here.

Narasimha Saraswathi's Painting too was done similarly after Swami gracing with a vision, and HIS Tripundra glowing like the lustre from the moon.

The high resolution of these images are available for free download: