ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha Bhaktha Sampradāyaṁ

Sampradāyaṁ can also be described as a school of views, beliefs, attitudes and teachings passed on from a lineage of spiritual masters ('parampara'). However, here, we go with the former term, a prescribed set of protocol for a decent, beneficial and 'progressive' living.


The nature of ŚrīVallabha cannot be imagined. One cannot say that His 'leelas' would be like this or like that. The aim of His incarnation is to bless Maha siddhas and Maha yogis and uplift Dharma through them. He will coordinate all the dharmas and traditions in the world and merge them in sanatana dharma, establishing it at the end of 'Kaliyugam'. - Charitrāṁruthaṁ
That said, it becomes a prime responsibility of each and every devotee of His' to observe Dharmic ways and protocols as prescribed in our Sanathana Dharma. If only 'devotion' and love towards the Guru is high, this will not be difficult. It will become our way of life and when collective (souls) consciousness takes on to Dharmic ways, it will greatly help the individual, the immediate surroundings and the world we are inhabiting in. As His devotees, this is the least we can strive to do.

A sincere note to all devotees. The material and content on this page, is extracted from ŚrīPāda Charitrāṁruthaṁ only.

This is for believers.