I am a mere Fakeer Who begs for alms. Look at Me kindly and listen to Me.

Faith and Patience are the only two pennies a Guru expects.

Patience is a mine of virtues. She is the queen of pious thinking. The courage of a human being lies in being patient. It wards off the sins, worries and miseries. The difficulties are cleared, in some way or the other. Patience gains success ultimately.

A human being without patience becomes miserable. - Sainath Maharaj

Along with the two pence of Faith and Patience, let us resolve to give unto our Guru, our 'unconditional' love and Gratitude as well. Let this be our humble offering to HIM Who constantly thinks of us, our welfare.

To love Him is simpler. When our love is undemanding, it becomes pure and evolves higher. Like a waft of fresh air, let us breathe in our love unto Him and exhale our Gratitude, for all the blessings received and those denied as well. Let us take one minute each day, and for once, inhale and exhale, out of love for our Guru and thanking Him from the bottom of our hearts. That way, the burdens of the world shall ease a little.

One whose mind is engaged day and night in boasting about material achievements and seeking pleasures, for such a person the preachings of a Guru are of no use. For both, it is a sheer waste of time!
My treasury is full, I can give anything anyone asks for but I have to take into account the receiver's capacity. I give only that which one is able to receive. If you heed all that I have said, you will be benefitted.
- Sainath Maharaj

Good or bad, pleasure or pain, as per destiny, come either like nectar or poison. Bear in mind that this pair of opposites comes naturally. Be neither happy nor miserable. Endure whatever comes.
Allah is the Master and Protector. Always meditate upon Him. He takes every care. Surrender at His feet with body, mind, speech and wealth. If one remains constantly thinking of Him, one will realize His functioning.
- Sainath Maharaj

Break down the wall between you and me. Then the way to approach each other will be clear and there will be no fear. The sense of duality between you and me is the wall between the Guru and the disciple. Till this wall is not completely demolished, the state of oneness is impossible to achieve. You may ask where I am now and how I can meet you now. But I am within your heart and we can meet without any effort.
- Sainath Maharaj

Satisfying the hunger of this dog is the same as giving me appeasement. Bear this in mind. All beings experience the same hunger. Know that this is the 'kindness' I preach. Give food to the hungry first and then eat yourself. Remember this well. He who feeds those distressed by hunger really serve me with food. Know this and regard it as an axiomatic truth.
- Sainath Maharaj

I do not reside in one place. I am present in the waters, on the land, in the woods, amongst the people and away from the people, in your own country and in foreign lands, in the skies and in the light of the sun.
I have taken this human form to remove the mis-concept of those who consider Me to be present only in this body of three-and-a-half arms length.
- Sainath Maharaj

The greed for money is very difficult. It is a deep whirlpool of pain, full of crocodiles in the form of conceit and jealousy. Where there is greed, there is no peace, no contentment. Even my devotees are not lured by money and you will not find them fall prey to the pomp and show of money. 'Allah is the Master.' There is no other protector than Him.
- Sainath Maharaj

That person who sees Me in all the creatures, you must understand is My beloved one. Give up the belief in the two-fold nature, and worship Me in this manner.
- Sainath Maharaj

I always think of him, who remembers Me. I require no conveyance, carriage, tonga, train or aeroplane.
I run and manifest Myself to him, who calls Me.
- Sainath Maharaj

He who definitely wishes to escape the bonds of birth and death, should follow the path of righteousness very meticulously and be always tranquil. Such a person should abandon harsh words; should not pick on others' weakness.
- Sainath Maharaj

Anyone may call you names in a hundred ways, never retort with bitterness. Tolerate it with patience. You will gain tremendous happiness. Even if the world turns topsy-turvy, you should remain still. Be steadfast and observe passively.
- Sainath Maharaj, Verse:144-145, Chap 19.

If any one speaks insultingly to another, then he has hurt Me only and pierced my heart. He hurts Me immediately who speaks a volley of hard words to another; while I am immensely pleased for a long time if one bears an insult patiently.
- Sainath Maharaj, Verse: 174-175, Chap 44.

It's not good to argue; do not try to compete with each other. God will protect you. If anyone harms you in any way, do not retaliate. If possible try to oblige others.
I will be pleased.
- Sainath Maharaj, Verse:152-154, Chap 10.

Who can give enough to another person? However much is given, it is always inadequate. But when My Sarkar gives it lasts till the end of time. The only true Giver is My Sarkar. Can any else be compared with Him? How can the finite be the ornament of the infinite? My Sarkar says 'take, take'; but everybody comes to Me and says 'give, give'. Nobody attends carefully to the meaning of what I say. No one takes cognizance. My Sarkar's treasury is overflowing. No one comes to fetch cart loads away. When I say 'dig' no one does so. No one wants to make efforts. I say 'dig up this wealth and plunder cart loads of it. The blessed son of a true mother should fill his store with this wealth'. What will be the fate of a living being? Dust (body) will turn to dust, and air (breath) will merge with air. This time will not come again.
- Sainath Maharaj

True knowledge of the Atman is to be desired the most and 'Dhyana' is essential for this. During Dhyana one merges with the Atman which leads to quietening of desire. Detach your mind from the object of the senses and shift your focus inwards. Meditate always. Meditate on My formless nature which is Sat-Chit-Ananda (True Wisdom, Consciousness and Bliss infinite). If you cannot visualize that, then follow the physical image of Mine. Bring My image from head to foot, in front of your mind's eye, day and night. When you thus shift your focus, the functions of your mind will unite and the distinction between the 'one who meditates', the 'act of meditation' and the 'object meditated upon' will vanish.

Sitting in this sacred Masjid, I never utter an untruth.
- Sainath Maharaj